Phillip Neho: Faceblind headhunter

Phillip Neho is a jack of all trades and master of many. By day, he manages hiring for all hospitality positions around Australia’s magestic Urulu (Ayer’s Rock). By night, he’s a dedicated father, prolific blogger, and serial “new thing” tryer.

Take a look at Phillip’s public article revealing his prosopagnosia on Linkedin. This could be a great template if you’d like to announce in a similar fashion:

Also check out Phillip’s prolific writing and reviews:

2 thoughts on “Phillip Neho: Faceblind headhunter”

  1. I am not sure if I actually have face blindness. In my case I started to see the same face on everyone. It came across me. fairly gradually. The face is distorted and rather cartoonish. On television everyone looks the same which makes viewing very difficult. My own face and those of my friends leave the same look. I have macular degeneration and thought a visit to the optician would sort this out. Apparently, however, it was nothing to do with my sight.. I then had a brain scan which proved to be fine. What proportion of prosopagnosia sufferers are the same as I am? Animals have normal faces!

    1. Isabell,
      I would suggest you talk with a doctor familiar with prosopagnosia. What you’re describing reminds me of how I perceive faces from memory with my eyes closed. But, in real life, I can definitely see every detail of a face. And, compare differences between faces side by side.

      I just can’t encode those faces easily to recall with eyes closed or a day later.

      This seems to be the most common situation with most people I’ve met with faceblindness.

      Maybe there is something else happening instead or in addition to for you?

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