Kristie Amadio: Elite weightlifter turned eating disorder recovery coach

Kristie Amadio hails from Australia and New Zealand. In her youth, she became an elite athlete in the sport of weightlifting. Outside observers were oblivious to her internal battles with the twin demons of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and an eating disorder.

After years of treatment and recovery, Kristie made it her mission to help others through a unique, in-home coaching approach.

Along the way, she also had to come to terms with prosopagnosia.


3 thoughts on “Kristie Amadio: Elite weightlifter turned eating disorder recovery coach”

  1. Just in case anyone is at all unclear about how to pronounce the word, it’s made up of two parts, prosop for face, and agnosia for unknown.

    It sounds pretty much the same as proso pagnosia if you say it fast, but if you’re really anal, that’s plain wrong. 😉

    1. Oh, interesting. Should it technically be prosop… agnosia then? In relistening to the episode, I pickup that Kristie is hearing me say long o’s where she I think says 2 short o’s.

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