Introducing the Faceblind podcast

Welcome to Faceblind. Up to 2% of the population cannot recognize faces. We’ll take a deep dive into their stories and alternative recognition skills and methods in this podcast.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Faceblind podcast”

  1. I listened to your podcast earlier — also faceblind here. Not sure about an actual interview, but I would be willing to offer whatever I can. It’s such an odd thing to realize that never recognizing people is not just me. I only first heard of this condition about 2 months ago. I regularly wake up not knowing the person in my bed and it’s always the same man (married for 20 years). In one way, it seems quite ridiculous to say that, but mostly it scares me.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for sharing. I hope your husband doesn’t have TOO much of a sense of humor. Might ask one of his buddies to switcheroo while you’re sleeping!

  2. Just finished the first episode! I had never heard of face blindness until I was introduced by a client. I find this very interesting because I am the opposite, I never forget a face! I am learning so much and will continue to listed to be as inclusive as I can and implement any system that I can to be an ally 🙂

    1. Thanks Teri! There’s no way to know if people you encounter have proso — unless they know it exists and tell you about it. Both of those are low probability 🙁

      If someone does tell you, you can definitely do a couple of things. One, tell them who you are when you see them. They may eventually say, “Ok, I recognize you now. You don’t have to keep doing that.” And Two, always think to introduce the people around you when in a group setting. Try not to be super obvious about that. Just mention casually mention some names. “Hey Jill, glad you could make it. Bob, how are things down at the paper plant?”

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